Your Corporation, Your Trust

This page serves to provide some information about the corporation and its roles and duties for members and beneficiaries.

The structure of the Yinhawangka Trust was established to ensure compliance with all the requirements of agreements between the Yinhawangka People, Yinhawangka Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC and contributors, for example Rio Tinto.

“Acting as an agent for the Yinhawangka People in respect of their rights and obligations under various land use agreements”

Corporation CEO

Decision Making Committee

The role of the Decision Making Committee is to:

  • Meet as often as required to deal with the business of the Trusts or the Trustee
  • Appoint people or organisations to undertake functions of the Executive Office
  • Formulate and approve Distribution Policies or modifications to existing policies
  • Formulate draft Annual and Strategic Plans
  • Make recommendations to the Trustee

Yinhawangka Council

The role of the Yinhawangka Council is to review and approve Distribution Policies and other decisions made by the Decision Making Committee.

The latest Yinhawangka Distributions factsheet provides further information on policies.


The Trustee is Mutual Trust. The role of the Trustee is to:

  • Propose annual distributions and distribution policies to the Decision Making Committee
  • Implement decisions of the Decision Making Committee once approved by Council
  • Facilitate the calling and holding of Yinhawangka People, Decision Making Committee and Council meetings
  • Ensure meetings of the Yinhawangka People, Decision Making Committee and Council are convened (as to timing and number of meetings) and held in an efficient, responsible and cost effective manner
  • Maintain a decisions register of minutes from the meetings of Yinhawangka People, Decision Making Committee and Council detailing the resolutions made
  • Liaise with beneficiaries and arrange payment of distributions
  • Assist the improvement, enhancement and support the corporate governance practices amongst the Yinhawangka People, the Decision Making Committee, the Council and the Yinhawangka Aboriginal Corporation

Beneficiaries & Trust

A person on the Register of Yinhawangka Beneficiaries does not have an automatic right or entitlement to a Distribution, however there is a right to be considered for a Distribution.

Distributions are paid from a Direct Benefits Trust and a Charitable Trust.

Direct Benefits Trust
The Direct Benefits Trust pays two types of distributions:

  1. Annual Distributions; and
  2. Application Distributions.

Charitable Trust
Distributions from the Charitable Trust will be made for Charitable Purposes, consistent with the meaning set out in the Trust Deed, common law and the impact of Tax Ruling 2011/4.

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