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The Nyimili Range is important to the Yinhawangka People who have a responsibility to protect the range for future generations. It is a place of cultural significance, a living landscape inhabited by spirits and stories, as well as the home of rare heritage sites including painted rock-art and engravings.

The Nyimili Project is aimed at capturing the cultural values of a prominent range of hills on the southwestern margins of the Hamersley Range. The project began as a desire to provide a structure for community led engagement in heritage and landscape management, bringing together a team of researchers and Yinhawangka Community Members in a shared learning experience to explore and document the range and the stories.

The range is of cultural significance to the Yinhawangka People and there is evidence that the Nyimili Range is specifically referenced in stories and songs across the Hamersley Range, north to the Pilbara coast and east into the Western Desert.

“The projects’ website provides a focus on the range’s role as an area of biological significance and a habitat for rare flora and fauna. With stunning photography and truly unique visual interactions to explore and enjoy”

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