Who We Are

The Yinhawangka People traditionally lived around an area in the Pilbara to the south-east of Onslow. The Yinhawangka People have also been known as Innawonga.

Yinhawangka country includes areas of the Angelo, Ashburton and Hardey River catchments, the Kunderong Range and the Mount Vernon, Rocklea and Turee Creek stations.

What We Do

The Yinhawangka Aboriginal Corporation:

  • Acts as an agent for the Yinhawangka People in respect of their rights and obligations under various land use agreements.
  • Undertakes community activities on behalf of Yinhawangka People.
  • Provides support to all beneficiaries of the Yinhawangka Trust.

Our Responsibility

As a corporation, principally we act as a beneficiary group for the Yinhawangka People. It is our role to responsibly deliver initiatives and services to our Members with care, wisdom and responsibility.

While fulfilling this role, it is our duty to represent a a goal not only for today, but for future generations as well.

COMMUNITY: It's for our people and our future.

For all our members to benefit for now and all generations