Yinhawangka Language Project

In 2004 there were estimated to be less than four speakers of the Yinhawangka language. A number of people are partial speakers, have a passive knowledge of Yinhawangka and many more identify as being from Yinhawangka heritage. Yinhawangka is classified as a critically endangered language.

The Yinhawangka people traditionally lived around an area in the Pilbara to the south east of the town of Onslow. It covers the area containing the Angelo River, Ashburton River, Hardey River, Kunderong Range, Mount Vernon Station, Rocklea and Turee Creek.

Remaining Yinhawangka speakers live in the community of Bellary Springs located between the towns of Tom Price and Paraburdoo, and in the town of Tom Price. Most speakers are elderly with some children of speakers having a strong partial knowledge of the language. There appear to be no children who are speaking the language as a first or strong second language.

There is a website dedicated to the project which provides a host of further information.


“Yinhawangka is part of the Pama-Nyungan language family, a large group of indigenous languages spread over much of the Australian continent.”

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