Planning for Yinhawangka People

The principle of any form of plan for the Corporation is to focus and what is relevant, what is needed and what can be improved.

Our responsibility in the development of any form of forward planning is keyed to our future.

We target a ‘Vision’, look at ‘Key Focus Areas’ and develop ‘Priorities’ for the next year or so. The areas are linked to unity, culture, responsibility, adaptability, self-determination and knowledge.

Planning is a vital part of the Corporation’s role to look after our People, out Lands and our Future. Having an agenda such as this, which is developed with great care, aids in the benefit for our People.

We had developed a document that goes into more detail with a focus on key areas should you wish to read it.

“Our lands, our people and our culture are all closely tied together. We have lived here, we do live here and we will live here. It is us and we are its People, now and for future generations to come”

COMMUNITY: It's for our people and our future.

For all our members to benefit for now and all generations